27 December 2015

Well it's Christmas time, pretty baby 25/12/2015

Last minute Christmas shopping, and Lewie has found a friend. 

There is no use crying over spilt milk... But a smashed 1L container of yoghurt all over the walls, fridge, floor, cupboards, Lewie and myself? Boo hoo hoo hoo...

Josh and Lew watching the fish together at a Vietnamese restaurant in Pulheim.

Josh's kindergarten concert. Josh stayed close to Carol's (the dance teacher) side for the whole performance. Even when she was in the middle and all the other kids formed a circle around them. He was so proud of himself, and so was I! This is the reception class, made up of children from different rooms that are all in their final year of kindergarten. Josh's room (the Penguins) also did a performance, in German. Josh chose not to have a speaking part, but knew it all and told us later of course :)

Christmas is cancelled. We have a box!

Final Christmas market in Köln. Well, there was one more, but we don't have any pictures to show and it was quite traumatic (they ran out of Reibekuchen!), so we won't speak of that again. We finally tried some Backfisch this time, and while it was not the same as good ol' Friday night Fish n Chips back home, it was pretty tasty!

Yes, this is an appropriate amount of sauce for my piece of fish!

Exploring two of the local playgrounds in Widdersdorf (to work off some of those Christmas carbs).

Christmas Eve: new PJs from Mum and Dad, and new books from Nanny and Bubba! 

Traditional food for Santa and his reindeer, but this time the German beer was actually bought IN Germany!
Translation: "Dear Santa, it pleases us that you can find us in Germany. Enjoy your meal. Safe travels!"

"Quick, Lew. Komm!"

"Why yes Lew, that is an excellent observation. Someone HAS been eating that carrot!"

"Santa always gets me what I want. Every time!"

One day later, Christmas lunch is ready! A delicious cassoulet with crispy pork belly and duck. YUMMO!

Chef out!

Oh Daddy, a chef's work is never done.

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