18 December 2015

A new Christmas tradition and more Christmas markets 06/12/2015

Germans celebrate the tradition of St Nikolaus on the 6th December. Traditionally children would put their freshly cleaned shoes outside their front door on the evening on the 5th. If they had been good, St Nikolaus would leave them sweets, fruit and nuts, if they had not been so good, they would receive coal and sticks. But hey, if we're going to start a new tradition, it's not all going to be about the kids!

Our lovely upstairs Nachbären, Stephanie and Kai, invited Josh to make a gingerbread house. I think he enjoyed it. A lot!

Meanwhile, back home in Australia, my extended family got together for their annual Owens Christmas Party. So sad that we weren't able to join you guys this year. Maybe next year?

Another Weihnachtsmarkt, another Reibekuchen. So far, Rudolfplatz has the best!

Who is photo bombing whom?

Happiness is a mug of hot chocolate topped with whipped cream.

Another one of Lewie's words is "Hello". Except it doesn't mean "hello". It means "Hey Mum, there's a spot where I can put my hand or foot or head or eyes. You might call it a hole, or a hay-oo?"

Hold on Lew! 

Josh placing his order at our local Brauhaus, Em Övvje.

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