18 December 2015

The Coasters are in Cologne! 08/12/2015

Look who I found wundering around! Luckily we decided to see the Dom today as we didn't end up going back. We also had to sample the Dom Weihnachtsmarkt Reibekuchen. Rudolfplatz is still the best!

I think we all could get used this. Getting comfy on the couch...

And catching up on the latest in Lego products.

But enough lazing about. We've got more Weihnachtsmarkts to explore! Today we visited Heumarkt, with its ice skating rink and Bavarian/gnome theme. Are gnomes Bavarian? I'll have to go back to try the Reibekuchen, and a handmade bread with cheesy filling that I have never seen before. And to buy some more jewelry. 

After lunch at Malzmühle, an old fave from many years ago, we pushed on to the Lindt Schokolade Museum. And it's Pirate themed market. Nope, no Reibekuchen here either. I'm getting slack!

But we did have other important things to do. Like, learning how chocolate gets made.

And eating chocolate samples next to the chocolate model of the Dom.

After an easy morning and yummy Brötchen for lunch at home we decided to go for a walk in another of Köln's forests. This time we visited the Stadwald, a HUGE city forest with lakes, playgrounds, open areas and its own animal park. It is a beautiful space with lots of hidden treasures.

A rare family snap, thanks Kirsty!

Josh feeding the hungry deer. Safety first!

My super clever boys. Lewie "Don't worry, Dad. I've seen Josh do it and it doesn't look so hard"...

...and Josh "I've got this camera thing completely sorted. I don't even have to look"!

Aaawww. The Kirsty/ies together again!

I'm going to miss you THIS much! Please don't go!

Daytime safety Lew.

Nighttime safety Lew.

"Hay-oo!" used correctly. Either that, or he's calling someone to tell them about the number of holes in his boat.

Christmas craft 2015: name snowflakes 

and a felt Christmas tree.

We all loved having the Costas (or Coasters as Josh prefers) come and stay with us. We wish it had have been longer, but saying goodbye probably would have been harder. We hope you enjoy the rest of your time in Germany xxx

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