16 December 2015

Kölner Stadwald 22/11/2015

Köln is a very green city, with lots of city forests, or "walds" and parks. Well, it WAS green, now that the leaves have fallen it has a very different feel which is not one that we are used to. I find it almost a bit eery!

Beautiful boys sharing the food to feed the animals.

We're the Kids in the Kölner Wald... Wo-oh!

Wild pigs!

I feel very fortunate to have been introduced to some lovely expats who meet for coffee every Friday and go out for dinner regularly. It definitely helps to have some friendly faces speaking English around me, and I really look forward to catching up with them. I think Lewie enjoys it too!

But socialising can be tiring.

SWOTVAC with Daddy's German textbook.

A "traditional" German morning tea aka the benefits of being in another country and so not caring about the correctness of pointing to what a stranger just ordered and saying "I'll have what he's having!" 
Ben: "Yes, that is sliced chocolate on a bread roll. And yes it was awesome."
Kirstie: "Where is mine?"


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