16 December 2015

Silent Stolberg 15/11/2015

This is how we usually drive. Ben at the wheel.

Josh regaling us with stories old and new, long and longer.

Lewie asleep!

Stolberg has a lovely altstadt and castle, and is located about 45min West of Köln, heading towards Josh's favourite Aachen again but not quite that far.
"Are we going to Aachen this time?" 
"No hunny, we're not."
"But the signs SAYS this IS Aachen!"
"Well the sign is actually saying this road goes to Aachen but it goes to other places as well."
"No, it says THIS is Aachen!"
"Oh, does it? We're not going to Aachen."

Unfortunately, being a Sunday, everything was pretty much closed. Including the castle which is only opened for events. But we had a look around, by ourselves, had some lunch, and then drove home.

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