16 December 2015

Carnivale time means party time 11/11/2015

Clowns actually seem to be a "thing" here. Not too sure why. I should probably research that.

A quick costume change, and the AWB (rubbish) men are here to save the day!

I think I have something in my eye... I just love it when Lewie and Josh play together.

And hold hands (even when one party doesn't really look like they want to).

Josh has been at Kinder here now for 5 months and he is doing so well. He has made lots of friends (though the number currently invited to his birthday party fluctuates each day) and we have completed quite a few "Kinderfreund/in" books. Not too sure who calls him Josho...

He had shown interest in reading at home (in both English and German) which of course being the completely not biased Mum that I am, I dutifully passed onto his teachers. Then he comes home with this. Yes, Nanna, they are all correct!

There was some unauthorised curl cutting... "Mummy is not going to be happy about this!"

And now, for your listening pleasure, Josh's Rammstein audition.

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