29 July 2015

Trains and castles

There is nothing quite like a train journey to bring a family together. Well, at least for our family. Josh is still in love with catching public transport: when will the doors open, can I press the door buttons, how long do we wait for the next train, where does this train go to, which stop are we getting off at, how many stops is that, can I press the lift buttons? There are so many questions to be answered! Answer them!!!

Extreme concentration (Josh) vs hilarity (Lewis).

I bought a bike trailer on eBay located a convenient 2h drive away. Hey! We got a great deal! And it was in a direction hadn't really been before. Unfortunately it wasn't a very scenic route and the road wasn't up to Germany's usual standards. Poor Ben had to slow down 130! The seller was lovely though and told us about a medieval festival at the castle in nearby Marburg.


I hope the sign always just said "Trinkwasser" and the "Nicht" is not missing.

Ye olde gun display. 
"So if the King and Queen see people coming that want to steal from them they will use the killing things?" Oh man... I need history lesson tips for kids ASAP!

The view! "It's good the King and Queen built their castle up so high. Why did the people want to steal their things anyway?"

Bend it like Beckham, Building a laundry and Bubbles

Josh was in desperate need of a haircut, but I wasn't too confident in explaining what I wanted. So I took a picture of the Beckhams. Yep, that's pretty much the pose Joshi. We'll make a soccer star/model out of you yet!

Next on the list for home making was the laundry. We are so lucky to have such wonderful helpers.

I'm not sure it will fit...

And now to unpack and dispose of more cardboard boxes!

We've been here over 2 months and we STILL haven't been inside Köln's most famous landmark, the Dom. So we decided we would tick that one off the list. But there were bubbles. 

And a water play area with stepping stones. 

And lunch.

And tiles to lick???

We WILL make it to the Dom at some stage, promise!!

Josh's first day of kinder, again!

Children in Germany usually don't start school until they are 6, and the school year starts in August, so Josh gets another year of Kindergarten! Lucky him! Hopefully it will remain a challenge for him, especially as it is a bilingual kinder. I'm sure he'll be fluent before me, if his constant and consistent correction of how to pronounce "Ana" from Frozen is anything to go by!

Onward and upward, German style.

The walk/ride/scoot to kinder past the sports arena (right) and school (left).

Happy birthday Lewis!!

I cannot believe our beautiful boy is 1. This year has definitely gone super fast. He is such a joy and a keen explorer! Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!

(Ben: Please insert good photos from good camera here!)

Still getting settled...

So I guess moving house kind of takes it out of you. So much so, you don't really do much else, let alone write blogs about it! But we are here, and still exploring, just maybe not quite as much as previously!

Empty living room

Full living room

Hot days = blow up pool at 8am.

Waving to the rubbish collectors is an International activity.

Empty kitchen

Full kitchen

Kitchen in progress


And far too many days later... Fridge!