1 January 2016

In search of stuff that is open 27/12/2015

With the closure of all things in Germany due to Christmas day ('1st Weihnachtstag'), Boxing day ('2nd Weihnachtstag') and then 'a Sunday' we drove to Liege, Belgium in search of life.

First pitstop at the Chruch of St. Bartholomew. It was red which was a bit funky...but being a Sunday it was closed (?) until later in the day.

Along the river was an interesting market with lots of trinkity junk but also some tasty food vans. The deep fried prawns was hard to pass by.

Oh look another Christmas market, shall we check it out?  First item was a wheel of baked camembert, awesome freshly baked ham and bread. "It is yummy" says Josh. "It was the greatest thing ever made" says Ben.

At the edge of the market was this kind of taboggin run made out of pointy white plastic fake grass. After watching some kids slide two metres and then tumble the rest of the way we decided against the visit to hospital with carpet burns and moved swiftly on.

The ferris wheel gave a great view over the market and the surrounding area of things that we probably won't get around to seeing!

Is this thing safe?

On the way back to the car we came across an enormous set of stairs. "Hhmm... should we Dad?"

Yes we should! The climb down was not helped by both legs cramping up (I gotta exercise more). Josh had little trouble of course.

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