24 October 2015

Monschau day out

With our latest recruits from Oz (names suppressed for privacy!) in tow we headed for the charming German town of Monschau. 

Oooh nice stream through the town. 

Stopping for lunch at the first place that served lunch, we ate our fill of sausage. For good measure Josh got some gummi bears from the waitress. 

Yes kids yet another fountain that you can't drink from. 

Josh couldn't be stopped climbing sone random stairs. It was worth it for the view! 

To end there was the usual ice cream! 

8 October 2015

Adventure park

After a lengthy commute to find cash we finally got in to the MEGA playground... Damn you cash society. 

Lew looking like he is going to give it a red hot go. 

Made it (via the toddler version nearby)!

The mother of all sandpits... Formed from emptying out kids shoes after they got home from kinder. 

Three seconds before my foot gripped the ground and I went flying... Funtimes. 

Amazingly, Josh went down by himself on that maniac slide on the left (see previous photo)! Neither of us honestly thought he would do it, with Kirstie offering an encouraging "It's ok if you get to the top and you don't feel ready to go down yet." Here he is getting ready. Check out that drop. Of course he loved it!