17 November 2015

So many (little) things

In the true spirit of blogging (?), here is what we have been up to the last few weeks!

It was Halloween! Josh could not comprehend the concept that children would come to our house and 'steal' our lollies.  'When will they come? Will they share their lollies?  WHEN will they come?'
Despite this confusion we joined a celebration with the American Women's Association...here is Josh dressed as a Fireman Chef...dressed as a Mummy.

Lew is a cutey (Still)...

We had another anniversary..dinner at the Fledermaus (the Bat!) restaurant.

And we finally went inside the Dom!

Kirstie and Josh made the long trek to the top (I can't believe they made it the whole way!) while Ben and Lew waited down below.

And finally...it was Saint Martin's day.  A traditional celebration where kids construct lanterns and then take part in a parade around the streets singing songs dedicated to Saint Martin. At the end there is a massive bonfire and you eat a bready pastry thing in the shape of...Saint Martin!  (Slightly crazy looking Josh...)

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