1 May 2016

Tanz in den Mai

First of May party time! 

The weather had been terrible but cleared up just in time for the celebrations. First up was Josh's kindergarten dance performance. In order to get there, we had to wake Lulu.

Josh did so well, dancing with his friends. They were all so excited and determined!

We are not sure if it was May Day related, but a film crew took over our street in the afternoon and evening. We're famous!

Then on Sunday, our local Karneval committee put on another good spread complete with Jazz band, dancing troupe and the usual suspects: Kölsch (bier), Reibekuchen (fried potato cake of awesomeness) with apple sauce, mushrooms in yummy garlic sauce, sausage and Nutella crepes. 

"Oh no, there must have been a mistake. We didn't order all of this!" 

All aboard! 

Josh looking as comfortable as ever up there. A father's shoulders is not the natural position for Spiderman.

Dance troup.

And to top it all off, Josh banged his head into his scooter and lost his first tooth! After three seconds of terror his excitement could not be contained. What are the rules for tooth loss in Germany???

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