8 May 2016

Drachenfels (Dragon's rock), Königswinter

Drachenfels (Dragon's rock) is a hill formed from magma underneath the surface of the Earth, which cooled and became solid. It is located about 40 minutes drive south of Köln, and sits perched above the Mighty Rhein. The quarried rock was used in the buiding of the Dom! The ruins of the 12th century Burg Drachenfels can be found at the top of the mountain, while the 19th century Schloss Drachenburg is found a little lower down the hill. You can get your speed sticks out, walking gear on and hike to the top, or take the Drachenfelsbahn. Guess which option we took?

I hope this is not how long we have to wait for the next train... Actually, it is a super informative sign telling us how many years, days, hours and minutes the train has been running for. In case you were wondering!

The view from the plateau over the Rhein.

Did you wake Siegfried's real (wooden) dragon?

Panorama of Burg Drachenfels.

Further down the hill at Schloss Drachenburg, we managed to find 5 minutes without children. Now what do we do? Run?!?

Love the juxtaposition of parent-face to child-face in each of these photos.

Lewie keeping watch. Never fear, he can win over any enemy force with his charms!

Relaxing in the grounds.

Meanwhile, Josh is learning all about history of the castle, skipping over the period 1939-1945.

And contemplating his rule. Bring me my juice. 

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