20 May 2016

Play dates, shoes and toothy grins

One of the many benefits of living so close to kinder: Josh can easily have friends over to play. Playdate #1 saw Michael, Josh and Lewie tending to the overgrown grass with sticks,
exploring the "hill" next to the sports field and

making shadows in the glorious sunshine.

Play date #2 with Philip and Laura involved many goes on the trampoline 
and some semi cooperative Lego building.

Lewie's current loves include putting on shoes

and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Actually, this picture combines both loves (they're my runners you can see at the bottom).

Speaking of which, those runners are not just unused active wear! In attempt to combat all the tasty food we like to consume, I downloaded one of those "couch to 5k" apps. This is my first run/walk/stagger. Not too bad for someone who has never run more than a third of a netball court!

Aaaaaawwww... Gotta love those toothy grins!

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