25 April 2016

Essen... In Essen

A quiet weekend is not in the child's handbook. Kirstie found a hands on Science museum in Essen. We took this to mean we can set the kids free and they can trash the joint, right? 

"Can we climb the tower, Mum? Dad? Can we?"

Artsy shot.

Shoes off? Check. Socks off? Check. None of us are quite sure why though. Especially not Josh.

But he came around.

Lewie remained confused. "Shoes?" 
"Yes darling, shoes would be a good idea right now."

We made it!

"Will this thing hold me up?"

Lewie loved exploring in and out and all over the exibits.

As did Josh.

Bike power! (It was even harder than it looks!)

Making a tornado, Josh (look away) style.

The call came to climb the coal tower, "Can we climb it NOW, Mum?" 
"Of course!"

Loves a good stair climb.

Wir essen in Essen!

The playground outside was also great. After a long wait, we finally had a turn on the pendulum swing!

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