6 January 2016

Who knew we lived near a volcano? 31/12/2015

Is it still working? How big is it? These questions and (many, many) more shall be answered on today's excursion to the Volcano park which is coincidentally located within a day trip of our house! Like all good excursions we had to get the learning out of the way and visit the museum first.

Lucky there were lots of hands on things for the boys. Hold on Lew, here comes an earthquake...

Tearing Josh and Kirstie away from their audioguides, we headed for the nearest lunchspot which just happened to be a brewery. We celebrated the Australian New Year's Eve with a pork knuckle and a beer (or two). The caves underneath the brewery resulting from the volcano are used to store the beer - making this the 'deepest brewery in the world'!  I'll drink to that.

A short drive later and we were at the picturesque Abbey Maria Laach which overlooked the lake.  Underneath the lake lies the former volcano... Just biding it's time!

It was a lovely place, so much so that we didn't take any more photos!  Feel free to Google Das Laacher See! 

Lies, Ben!! These ones are pretty :)

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