14 January 2016

Close to home... Austria! 9/01/2016

Josh had been counting down the sleeps for ten days and had already ranked his favourite countries:
1. Germany
2. Australia
3. Austria

So off we went to see if a place he had never visited was in fact worthy of a top three position. 

Ohh mountains... And snow! Looking good so far.

The uber family friendly hotel had stuff for the kids...

...and for the parents: all meals, snacks AND, most importantly, cleaning the floor afterwards. We may never leave. Mmmmm... Creamy bruly!


With the forecast for rain all day, we headed for the nearby mega mall. Complete with mega satellite image of Austria and mega "Hausschuhe" for your feet. 

The snow season had been bad so far but there was just enough for us beach bums! 

The hotel even had its own mini ski slope for the kids to muck about on.

Back in the restaurant we continued the eating fest. Josh took it upon himself to be barman, tending to all our coffee and bubbly drink needs. Would anybody else like a Latte Macchiato? Bubble water? Plain water? Tea? Juice?

The weather closed in (ooooh I love fog!) but we were still keen to get out and about, so we strolled down, down, down to the Faaker See (lake). It is over there! Somewhere. The "stroll" up, up, up wasn't quite so pleasant :)

Josh getting ready for Ski schule!

Despite parents being 'vorboden' from viewing the children skiing, Ben snuck down and crawled through a pig pen to take a peek at Josh hitting the piste.

The weather thankfully improved so on our final day we made our voyage above the fog to the peak of Gerlitzen. The first leg involved a lovely cosy cable car.

And look! Snow! Sun! Skiers!

The second leg involved a death-defining chair lift where Lewie's leg got stuck under the safety bar (twice). But we made to the very top in one piece, with spectacular views far and wide. Out of the way you lot. 

Josh was really getting into the tobogganing and convinced Ben and Lew to join in too. 

Lew managed to fall asleep on the chairlift down to the middle stop and continued to nap while Ben drank his favourite weizen and pre-sliced schnitzel with one hand! 

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