25 April 2016

Day at the Fussball/ Welcome to Köln Nanna!

It was the last chance to go see a football match so off Ben went with the boys to see 1.FC Koln play some lowly team. 

It was a tense start to the game, but about 40 seconds in Koln scored and it was pretty much all over!! 

Viva Colonia!! 

Meanwhile, Kirstie and the kids had the seemingly simple task of picking up Nanna from the train station... With no phone contact. After two hours, skyrocketing stress levels, multiple checks of the platforms, assistance from Information, far too many chocolate croissants and not enough coffee, we finally got the call from Information that she arrived. Just as we were going to leave! Welcome to Köln, Nanna!

And then this happened... Brrrrrrrr...!!!

Close up of the trampoline still doesn't do it justice. It was completely covered in snow. Yes, it is officially Spring, but as they "April, April, er macht was er will". 

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