5 May 2015

May Day long weekend

The first of three public holidays in May snuck up on us a little too quickly to plan a mini getaway, but we still have plenty to explore locally anyway!

Our air freight arrived on Thursday so we no longer have to feed Lewie on our laps. Why is he so happy about it though?

13 boxes of air freight = FUN TIME WITH BOXES! "Can we make a cubby to keep Mum?" 

And I finally got a coat (or 10) to wear! Hooray! So we headed out to explore Aachener Weiher in Hiroshima-Nagasaki Park. "Weiher" means "pond" in German... It's a very big pond! 

On Sunday we visited our friends Paul and Mieken, and their children Henni and Charlie, who live in just out of Köln. Though nothing is too far away with the Autobahn! Josh and Henni get along really well, despite each of them speaking a different language, and it's really cute to see them play! Mieken lent me her baby carrier, which I am keen to keep trying with Lewie as not all train stations have lifts for the pram. Lewie, on the other hand, is not quite so keen...

Ben's morning jog through the local gardens. They definitely do a good city garden here in Köln! There are heaps of green spaces everywhere, even in the built up areas. Are we 10 min from the centre of the city, or in the middle of the forest?

I spy the Dom through the trees!


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