10 May 2015

It's Saturday...

With Kirstie off for some 'her' time it was just us boys to explore downtown. Josh spied some old bones on a sign and so with the expectation of dinosaur sightings ahead we entered the Archeological museum! 

Stand here and look like this guy...can do. 

The 3rd century Dionysus mosaic was discovered in 1941 during construction of an air raid shelter and the museum was later built around it. "But when can we take the lift again?"

Culture aside we headed for the Lego shop. "Whoah". 

Josh liked making his own set of Lego men. Dad liked paying for them slightly less. 

Reuniting at the riverfront we watched the world go by and grooved along to the local street performers. (That is Kirstie "dancing" not squaring up to an elderly Frau).  

Josh get over here for a nice photo! :)

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