10 May 2015

Köln Zoo

Monday saw us set off to explore the Zoo... Without Ben. Hang on, purchase train tickets, change trains, with Josh and Lewie, all by myself?? Sure, why not? We've been here almost two weeks! Luckily Mieken and the kids were on hand to greet us and show us around!

Chillin' with my home boi. "Do you want to take your hoodie off, Josh?" "Nah" (Oh good, now we have a yearly zoo pass photo ID with you and your hood)

Josh loves living in Germany for three reasons: pressing the lift buttons to the U-Bahn, counting the number of U-Bahn stops and playgrounds (in that order). Luckily for us, the Zoo trip hit the trifecta!

Lewie isn't quite as keen on playgrounds yet... Or maybe it's the sand.
Oh yes, and we saw some animals too! The buildings behind the elephants are heated for when it gets really cold.

The Affe (apes) also have a nice warm house to keep cosy.

My new fave word: Flusspferd (river horse)!

AND we got mail this week! Actual mail, not some official registration form/card for living in Germany! Thank you Auntie Sal xxx It brought a tear to my eye and Josh has asked to read "the sad book that Aunty Sal sent me" every day since :)

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