3 October 2016

Lovely Lübeck, 16th August 2016

What a lovely day to walk the gorgeous Hanseatic city of Lübeck. After a quick stop at our hotel, we set out to explore. First stop, the Holsten Gate. Built between 1464 and 1478, the Holsten Gate was one of four gates that surrounded the city in the Middle Ages.

A perfect spot for some family pictures.

And even some taken by Josh!

Inside St Mary's Church.

Lighting a candle to remember our loved ones.

The church was heavily destroyed during an air raid in 1942 and it was reported that the bells continued to ring as they fell.

Striking a pose again, could they both be teething?

Little devil!

The Town Hall and Town Square.

Before dinner Ben made the obligatory "quick trip" to find the local delicacy, this time it was the famous marzipan we had heard so much about from our German friends. We had (incorrectly) assumed it would be sold everywhere, being that Lübeck Marzipan has a European Protected Geographical Indication. Despite seeing most of the other sights around town we had not stumbled across any marzipan. We surely couldn't go home without it!

Exhausted after his marzipan hunt, Ben sat down for a hard-earned beer.

Josh was a little more excited for his drink!

The food was delicious too!

After dinner we continued our slow stroll around the town, before heading back to our hotel. It is a really beautiful small town, easy to walk around and a great place to visit. We loved the architecture of the red brick buildings.

And we found a digger! Everyone was happy!

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