3 October 2016

Kronborg Castle, 13th August 2016

While Ben claimed this was ACTUALLY Hamlet's castle ("Hamlet was a fictional character!"), it was here that Shakespeare set his famous play. It was also supposed to be the best castle in Denmark, and indeed one of Europe's finest Renaissance castles. All sounds good so far!

Lew was suitably impressed, and this was just the carpark.

It is a pretty impressive view.

Rare photos of the boys doing the same pose, three times over!

Look left.

And smile.

Out the front of the ol' Bro house.

Near the entrance there was a scale model of the castle and its extensive fortifications. Since its construction in 1574, the fortifications have been altered and changed and added to. She's a strong castle!

We were greeted with a musical accompaniment as we walked in: here comes the parade! Doo doo da doo!

The Chapel. This room was used also used for ammunition storage during the Danish military's occupation of the castle. As you do.

We had to climb up windy staircase to the top of the castle for the magnificent views across to Sweden...

... and so Lewie could scare the life out of me as he ran full speed along the roof to the edge! Eek!

We're up so high!

Up again?

In the Great Banquet Hall, very grand.

Walking back to the car. Wouldn't it be nice to live in castle, Mum?

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