19 August 2016

Life is a circus so enjoy the ride, 22nd July 2016

During the second week of the school holidays, Poppy had returned home to Australia and Josh had expressed interest in joining the circus. Well... Kind of. I may have had a few freak out moments when I realised the school holidays would last for six weeks, and then a LOT more when I realised it was actually closer to SEVEN WEEKS, so I looked into the summer camps that are run in Koeln. There were quite a few to choose from located close to us, but not all for Josh's age and not all catering for English speakers (although Josh's German is so good now I don't think he'd have any trouble, he still feels more confident in English and so do I!). As I was rattling off the list of options and what each did, we got to the Circus with its description of trampolining and fire twirling, and Josh's eyes lit up. And then I heard his good mate Tyler had chosen the same camp, so we were set!

Josh was a little surprised on the first day: it didn't look how he expected and there were more children there than he expected. He was worried and he didn't want to stay. After we talked it through for a bit, we agreed he would stay and he could call me at lunchtime if he wanted to come home. I was so stressed that he wasn't enjoying himself, but he didn't call. When I went to pick him up later he ran to me saying, "CIRCUS CAMP IS THE BEST EVER!!!" Thank goodness!

Josh and Tyler out the front of Circus Camp.

On the last day, family and friends were invited to watch a performance of what the children had learnt and enjoyed throughout the week. It was clear some of them had really gotten into it, so I was interested to see how Josh would go.

Circus or fight club??

Josh helping set up the mats for the trapeze demonstration.

Josh upside down and Tyler waiting his turn.


He loved Circus Camp!

While Josh was at Circus Camp, Lewie and I had some time together at home. Josh and Lewie play really beautifully together, some of the time, but it was also nice seeing Lewie do his own thing. He is such a busy boy!

Another day we went swimming at the local pool. I had hoped to make it home in time for Lewie's nap by feeding him lunch in the car on the way back. It didn't work.

Without visitors to entertain, we had to entertain ourselves. So off for a bike ride we went! I had hoped that the awesome coffee place I discovered next to th Circus Camp would be open, but it wasn't. It was still a lovely ride though. I think it might be time we got a bike seat for Lewie, I'm sure it's not the same experience in the Croozer.

Fahrrad fahren in den Wald (bike riding in the forest) :)

Playing in our yard.

Lew getting the hang of the balance bike. He's starting to pick up speed now!

Dinner with friends at Raph's BBQ. The food is great, the playground next to the outdoor eating area is fantastic!

Playing at home with Michael, and Michael's lightsaber.

Whose idea was the glittery "tattoo" pens?!?

Th kids in the "leaving the house position", and waiting for Mummy.

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