19 August 2016

Summer holiday first stop: Hamburg, 6th August 2016

Ted-Teds at the ready, off we go!

Hey, who's driving?!?

It was a veeeeerrrrrrryyyyyy long drive, complicated by roadworks and a lot of holiday traffic, so despite  leaving home at 9:30am we didn't arrive until 5:00pm! Just enough time for a walk along the river where we discovered an awesome ramp begging for some scooter riders. Josh and Lewie were both confident in their abilities, I was not so sure...

The look of fear, or excitement, or both?

We couldn't stop in Hamburg without a visit to the famous Miniatur Wunderland! The world's largest minature railway definitely did not disappoint. It was HUGE and I'm sure we could have spent many more hours there. As it was, we had to keep Josh and Lew moving so we could see each display.

TRAIN! Coming!

No trains here.

Trains in the floor moving from one display to the next.

 OMG it's a MASSIVE boat!

Some displays had a variety of buttons to control parts of the scene. With a press of a button, the little characters and their vehicles started moving around the display doin' their thing. Part of the fun was finding exactly which part you were controlling!

But our very favourite thing, in the world's largest model railway, was the replica Hamburg airport! There was the associated train station of course, but our attention was on the arrivals board and the planes that actually taxied, took off and landed! WOW! Some of us didn't believe they would actually take off. She who will not be named.

Then the lights dimmed and it was nighttime.

The nerd HQ controlling the whole operation.

Can we stay here forever?

Unfortunately we couldn't stay for as long as we all wanted. We had already pushed the limits of no snacks (cue epic meltdown on the floor of the nearby cafe) and had to hit the road to our next destination. Sorry Hamburg, we will be back!

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