26 July 2016

Welcome to IFK and pizza in the park, 11th June 2016

Opening ceremony in France for UEFA. I thought Australia's ceremonies were always very stereotypical. Apparently there are can-can dancers and David Guetta in France. Who knew!


One of Josh's new inventions: entering equations into the calculator and then writing them into his book. He says he will write them all down and then won't need the calculator anymore!

Summer party for Vincerola in the IFK school playground. Lots of activities for all the kids and heaps of fun.

Julia, Max and Josh ready to learn a football dance.

What I love most about this photo is the confidence of Haktan at the front, in comparison to the confusion going on at the back. Julia's giving it a good go, Max is looking to Josh for explanation and Josh looks as though he's saying "I dunno Maxie, it goes something like this. Maybe???"

Party at the park with some of the International Coffee Club ladies and their families. I feel very lucky to be part of this group of wonderful people!



Ice cream!

Early morning at the same playground. Lulu now has the place to himself!

The slugs here are GINORMOUS. Get some natural predators!

At the IFK Welcome Day, Josh pictured with one of his kindergarten friends Michael. All of the children who start school in August and their families were invited to hear more about the school. The children were called up in alphabetical order for their class, received a treasure chest to hold special items from their school holidays and then went up to their rooms to meet some of the other children and their teachers in person. Unfortunately, Michael and Josh aren't in the same class and Josh wasn't quite prepared to leave us. I know how much he loves his kindergarten teachers, I hope he will feel just as comfortable at school soon.

(I may have been a little emotional...)


I just love his room. I know my little boy is ready and I do have good a feeling about this.

We received some very sad news from home this week. Ben's beautiful grandma Nan Rita passed away after a short, serious illness. It is very unfair to be so far away at this time, not being able to be around family when you really need to. Even though we are not home, or perhaps because we are not home, we wanted a visible reminder of our love for Nan and so created a small shrine for her during the week. We will love you always, Nan.

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