26 July 2016

Play dates for young and old, 16th June 2016

Tyler and Josh surveying the scene.

A lovely day for Ben and Scott to go golfing.

Or was it just the food they went out for?

I went out to a Nachflohmarkt (Night Fleamarket), which must have been extremely good because I don't have any photos of the occasion. I'd like to say this photo was from that night, but it wasn't. It's from another night. However, it is representative.

And then I slept in. So Ben, Josh and Lew made croissants-in-a-can. The boys seem doubtful.

Sufficiently rested, we headed out for lunch.

And more burgers, this time from Freddy Schillings near Ebertplatz in the city. Currently my number 1 burger in Koeln!

We then walked along the Rhein to check out another market. Due to the severe rain recently, many areas along the Rhein were flooded. The market was supposed to be along the section where the footpath is covered by water! Oh, and Josh bought a ring.

Play date with Amadeus. Unfortunately for Josh, Amadeus won't be going to the same school next year. They had awesome time today though!

Getting ready for the next Germany match.

We watched a few of the games with our upstairs neighbours, Steffy and Kai. 

Lulu loving the warm weather, pants-off party!

Lewie's naps currently overlap with kinder pick-up time. When he is asleep, he is ASLEEP. Doors open, blinds up and still out to the world.

It can be hard to get there, but when we do arrive, Lew loves to play with the other kids.

Play date with Michael. Yes, that's them at the top of the hill that surrounds the local sports field.

What goes up, must come down...

Busy with Maths work.

Lewie play date with Abbey :)

Another play date for Lewie, this time with Lydia. They had a ball playing hide-and-seek around the sale sign!

Josh and Lew helping Daddy at the building shop.

They offer an in-line skate course for one week at Josh's kinder for the reception class children. Josh didn't mention it though so I thought he wasn't keen, until the Friday before it started when he said, "Mum I need inliners for Kinder!" Luckily, there was a market at school on that weekend and we picked up some skates and protective gear for 20 Euro! Josh was super excited and wanted to try them out straight away! Lew was also excited!

Uh-oh... I guess inliners and the trike bike don't mix.
Josh colouring his map book.

Lewie making trains.


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    1. How's Germany I have been loving the blog and all the photos I can't believe josh is going in to school💜I hope your having lots of fun