29 July 2015

Trains and castles

There is nothing quite like a train journey to bring a family together. Well, at least for our family. Josh is still in love with catching public transport: when will the doors open, can I press the door buttons, how long do we wait for the next train, where does this train go to, which stop are we getting off at, how many stops is that, can I press the lift buttons? There are so many questions to be answered! Answer them!!!

Extreme concentration (Josh) vs hilarity (Lewis).

I bought a bike trailer on eBay located a convenient 2h drive away. Hey! We got a great deal! And it was in a direction hadn't really been before. Unfortunately it wasn't a very scenic route and the road wasn't up to Germany's usual standards. Poor Ben had to slow down 130! The seller was lovely though and told us about a medieval festival at the castle in nearby Marburg.


I hope the sign always just said "Trinkwasser" and the "Nicht" is not missing.

Ye olde gun display. 
"So if the King and Queen see people coming that want to steal from them they will use the killing things?" Oh man... I need history lesson tips for kids ASAP!

The view! "It's good the King and Queen built their castle up so high. Why did the people want to steal their things anyway?"

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