29 July 2015

Bend it like Beckham, Building a laundry and Bubbles

Josh was in desperate need of a haircut, but I wasn't too confident in explaining what I wanted. So I took a picture of the Beckhams. Yep, that's pretty much the pose Joshi. We'll make a soccer star/model out of you yet!

Next on the list for home making was the laundry. We are so lucky to have such wonderful helpers.

I'm not sure it will fit...

And now to unpack and dispose of more cardboard boxes!

We've been here over 2 months and we STILL haven't been inside Köln's most famous landmark, the Dom. So we decided we would tick that one off the list. But there were bubbles. 

And a water play area with stepping stones. 

And lunch.

And tiles to lick???

We WILL make it to the Dom at some stage, promise!!

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