24 April 2015

Lunch, Spielplatz and ice cream

What a lovely sunny day to explore the local area of Ehrenfeld! We stopped at a outdoor restaurant in the Stadtgarten (one of the very many parks around the city) for lunch where our waiter quickly picked up that we were "not from around here"... I wonder how he knew?? Wir kommen aus Australien! He kindly suggested that we can speak in English, but we said we wanted to keep trying. Clearly a very patient waiter!

After lunch we walked through the park and stumbled upon our first Spielplatz (playground). Josh had a wonderful time on the old school metal slides and swings, and Lewie had a little play in the sand without eating it all. Continuing our walk we found another park with two huge slides. "Do you want to have a go on those big slides Josh?" "YES I do!"

It was such a lovely day that we thought we'd find an ice cream shop on our walk home. Unfortunately we went the long way home passing many more Spielplatz but no Eiscafe... Until we came to the one around the corner from our house. Three thoroughly well deserved ice creams, please. €3.20? For everything? Oh yeah!!

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