27 April 2015

Getting legal... and eating (again)

Choofed off to the Foreigner Office today to make sure our 'papers were in order'. Which they were so now we are legal. Yay! But now I can also start work. Boo... 

On the way home we stopped by the star attraction of Köln: the Dom cathedral. Josh was suitably impressed, but more so by the small fountain which he nearly fell into. 

A chilly 12deg "Spring" day saw Kirstie donning most of her current wardrobe. Plus Ben's jacket. Stylish.

Having paid our respects to the Dom it was time to worship at the alter of the Schnitz...

Poor Lew is not feeling too good and was not impressed by the schnitzel. 

...and purchase one too many Berliners (donuts)!

I assure you all I am alive and well despite not appearing in any photos. 

Oh look, here you are (nice snood). Hold on tight Lew! (Kirstie, Editor-in-chief)

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