9 February 2016

Köle alaaf!!

Karneval - the fifth season is upon us. 

Six days of dress ups and the biggest partying in Germany. 

First day it was our local karneval commitee's tent for the family day. A nice intro to the crazyness to come! It wasn't planned, so I guess Josh was a little surprised when I turned up dressed like this 2 hours early. He didn't want to come! :(

Are these glasses real?? Hang on...

That evening Kirstie hit the town with the gals for Ladies night. 

On Sunday there was a small parade... that went past our house!  House party time. 

But first, some sort of interesting green schnapps that our neighbour Nicole brought! 

Here comes the parade. Karmelle!!

Basically carnivale floats go past and chuck bucketloads of lollies at you... Only if you shout "karmelle" at them (or even if you don't). 

Karamele!  "This is better than Halloween!" 

And flowers for the beautiful Fraus. 

We would atttact MORE strange looks if we weren't dressed like this. 

The aftermath... Oh man I can't have this much chocolate in the house. 

That night we pushed on for a parents only outing to a local Karneval party. Locals in the crowd with Australian themes were sought out... Straughnie...!?

Crocodile Dundee...! 

On Rose Monday there is the mega mega parade in the city with a million spectators! However, Karneval had destroyed us and we had to watch it on the telly nursing our sore heads and eating karmelle! You win this round, Karneval. 

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