30 September 2015

Overath Straßefest and Mountaineer Lewie

For the wine festival month of September we headed to Paul and Mieken's local street fest in Overath. Think school fete but with bratwurst, pommes, crepes, kölsch and, of course, wine! Perfect!

One of the first rides we saw was a crazy high carousel swing which Josh LOVED and WANTED TO GO ON NOW!!! They were quite high and I wasn't sure he would actually enjoy it once strapped in up high. So we continued walking and saw the dodgem cars. 
"Hey look Josh. Dodgem cars! Do you want to go on them?" 

"Okaaaaaay. Are sure you want to go on the high swings?"
<photo please Ben>

In other news, Lewie is also keen to reach new heights. His current trick is to climb Josh's chair. Eep!

Bike riding in Köln :)

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