26 August 2015

Josh is 5...and other stuff

This weekend we are off to France for a little get away. So thought we'd better do an all-in-one catchup of our recent weeks... This is the last time we will get so far behind!

In major news, Josh's troublesome big toenail was finally set free after a heavy door was opened onto his foot and took the nail with it. A trip to casualty, some medical pliers and an icy pole later, it was all sorted. 

And Josh turned 5!!! I feel like this year has gone in the blink of an eye. He has grown so much this year and has suprised me how well he has adapted to his new home and kinder. He was sooooo excited about his birthday, even with the toe injury and sore throat. Thanks to everyone back home for thinking of Josh on his birthday, he felt so special he couldn't possibly go to kinder!

Despite the invitation fiasco of 2015, we had a lovely party in the park with Josh's kinder friends and their families. 

No-one puts baby in the box. 

Our beautiful boys, reading together on the couch. 

Lew wanting Dad to do a second trip to emergency for the month. 


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