21 June 2015

IKEA and Bonn

With the decision finally, finally, FINALLY made on where to live, we made the obligatory trek to IKEA to scout out kitchen designs. But not before a cafe play. 2nd lunch of meatballs and Apfelschorle anyone?

It certainly has been a busy week for the Irwins; we bought a car too! Name is still to be confirmed (Beatrix or Bixby?), but he is quite at home cruising along the Autobahn at 150km/h. Ben seems pretty happy too...

Bonn is famous for being the birthplace of Beethoven, so we thought it fitting to dine like the great man himself at the "Em Höttche" Brauhaus. I wonder if Beethoven loved the Reibekuchen (potato pancake) as much as me??

"They speak Bonn here so I don't understand them."

The Brauhaus has been on this site in the Marktplatz since 1389. As I was reliably informed by Josh, "That's even older than you Mummy". Hhhmmm... I had always been in awe of Europe's history, but my enthusiasm is starting wane a little! The Old City Hall (Stadthaus) next door was pretty cool too!

Unfortunately the weather (and Josh) was not on our side, so our exploration of the city only included the Stadtgarten, University and the Rhine. With not many pictures to prove it.

When in doubt, "Ice cream... Is guna save the day!"

And of course, "Let it go, let it go..."

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